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Exccess Luggage

We are excess luggage specialist, if you are travelling and possess luggages/boxes more than your allowance you are most likely levied with sky-high charges by the carrier. Our advise always is; this is the best mode of travelling and the cost saving is tremendous, if you are just one person or two persons or even a family juggling too many bags whilst travelling just take your total allowance and we ship the rest for you, saving you all the hassle and 80-90% of the cost. Simple and easy, just track your shippment online and collect when it is delivered.  


Exccess luggage shipment is up to arrival at destination airport only. It does not include any charges which may be incurred at the destination such as handling, quarantine fees, duties, storage costs etc. These charges must be paid by the consignee on collection. The charges will usually be in your own local currency. These fees are determined locally and we have no influence over them or financial interest in them.


All airport to airport shipments are subject to a £35 per shipment handling and security/x-ray charges, this fees applies to all shipments whether you are shipping 40kg or 300kg.


Below are some of our Airport to Airport rates, if you want quotation for your destination go to Get Quote page or email us and we will get back to you same day.

Destination                   Under 100kg                   Over 100kg              

Beijing                                £2.15/kg                       £1.95/kg                        

Dubai                                  £2.00/kg                       £1.80/kg                        

Kinshasa                             £3.25/kg                       £2.90/kg                        

Khartoum                           £2.85/kg                       £2.65/kg                        

Kuala Lumpur                    £2.65/kg                       £2.30/kg                        

Can I use my own boxes/suitcases etc?

Yes, you can use your own packages and packing materials provided they are adequate to transport the contents safely, You can pack all you want into suitcases,  bags, boxes etc. For electrical items such as televisions or sound systems the original boxes and inner protections can be used + lots of buble wrap and shrink wrap.


How long will it take?

The transit times can vary greatly depending on the destination type of service required. Airport to Airport transit is normally 3 days it can also take longer at times. Sea freight takes approx 4-12 weeks.


Do you collect from my home?

Yes, we can arrange collection from your home no matter where you live in the UK. Within London we charge a discounted collection fee of just £20, collections from outside London please contact us or go to Get Quote


When will I know the final cost?

The final cost can only be known when we have the exact weight and dimensions of each package. Once we receive your goods we will email you an invoice.


How will I know when my shipment is due to arrive at destination?

You can track all your shipments online. We will also provide you with departure date and time, and arrival date and time. Please note we are reliant on the information Airlines give us if shipment takes longer than 3 days to arrive at destination its the airliner that is to blame and not us.


How do I collect my goods from the destination airport?

Unless you have paid for your shipment to be sent door to door, you will have to collect your shipment from the destination airport. You should be able to locate your shipment using the flight/shipping details already provided by Global Load Freight Services. Normally, after completing the relevant documentation as requested by the local customs officers, you will be authorised to collect your shipment from the airport handling facility. You will also require formal identification such as a passport etc. as part of the clearance procedure.

Example; 50kg to Kinshasa

50kg x £3.25/kg = £162.50  

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