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Important Pre-Shipment Information


1. It is your responsibility to ensure that all goods are packed sufficiently well so that they can travel safely to their destination. If you have any doubts - please ask!! Fragile items will require protecting so that they are not damaged in transit. We provide upto 2 boxes free of charge to customers we have 2 types of boxes 61x61x61 cm and 76x50x50 cm. Please remember it is better to be safe than sorry, please ask us for advice when sending Plasma TV and other breakable items.


2. There are certain items which cannot be accepted for transit within your baggage or cartons as they are deemed to be hazardous. These items include, but is not limited to; aerosols, batteries (more details in point 3 below), explosives, fireworks, corrosives, paint, perfumes, pressurised containers, firearms, ammunition, radioactive items, magnet materials, fuel or other flammable items. Please also note that ink cartidges and toner cartridges are also forbidden, unless they are removed from the appliance and stowed separately. Click here for further information or please ask us if you are unsure.


In addition, you should ensure that valuable items are not shipped by freight. This includes, but is not limited to; cash, traveller's cheques, stamp collections, deeds, tickets, jewellery, watches or similar high valued articles.


3. You should declare all items that include lithium/ion batteries when you make a booking with us. You should also note that additional charges may be applicable if your consignment includes lithium ion/metal batteries.


We are not able to send lithium/ion batteries if they have been removed from the equipment they were contained in. i.e. the batteries must be inside and part of the electronic device which they power in order for us to send them. There must be no spare or loose batteries whatsoever inside your baggage or cartons.


Lithium batteries can be found in digital cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, PDA's, iPod's, iPad's, Notebook PC's, Portable DVD Players, MP3 Music Players, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Portable (PSP), electric sharpeners, electronic dictionaries, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, digital books, Kindles etc. Click here for further information.


4. The price quoted for your shipment does not include insurance. In the unlikely event that any of your items are damaged or missing on arrival at destination, please ensure you sign for the goods at destination as "damaged" or "missing".


If you have not taken out private insurance, you have only minimal protection for your goods and you are not guaranteed any refunds from us.


5. We do collection from all over UK either by our vans or courier service payable by the shipper.


6. All packages must be clearly marked with the name and address of the person collecting the goods at destination.


7. This form is your formal declaration which provides us with details of your shipment. It has legal implications and should be completed in full and as accurately as possible. No shipment can be despatched without a completed shippers inventory. Please note this is not a booking form.

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